Through the Internet links that bind us all, Charlene had the good fortune of meeting Marian in October 1998. She has been slicing away at her violin and singing her heart out with Project Mercury ever since.

Charlene's talents are a key part of Project Mercury 's distinctiveness: gorgeous harmonies, powerhouse lead vocals and of course, violin. Her heartfelt song
Just About Me appears on Down to Earth.

Charlene and her husband Lee are the exhausted but proud parents of Tonik and Emily. Before motherhood, Char fronted the Albany cover band
ForeFront as a side project.

Charlene made her singing debut at the age of ten, performing in the front yard of her parents' home in Albany, New York. Accompanied by her "Singing Machine," her stellar rendition of "New York, New York" roused a standing ovation from all five members of her audience: Mom, Dad, brother, sister and Pepper, the family dog.

In addition to her singing exploits, Charlene also studied classical violin for ten years. Through playing violin, she developed a keen sense of intonation and rhythm. She sang with Voices of Harmony, a choir comprising the top vocalists of her high school, then the prestigious Harvard University Summer Choir. In 1996, Charlene threw away her black and white choir uniforms and joined Unknown Funk, a Rochester-area band.

Charlene's influences include Joan Osborne, Alison Krauss, Bonnie Raitt and Damien Rice. One of her favorite words: discombobulated. Watch her do her thing on the powerful "Enemy Lines."

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