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Family of Strangers ©1999 Marian Mastrorilli

Got my cousin's Christmas card, the usual picture by the fireplace
It looks like the kids have grown some, I wouldn't know them anyway

He's packing up the family and moving down the interstate
I can say it doesn't matter, I've never been there anyway

I can see our lives are changing by the lines in my address book
In a family of strangers, we are connected, but off the hook

I remember how we used to play, back when we were little things
Chasing ghost ships out my window, I got to know their bikes & swings

We've seen each other dressed in black
We've seen each other dressed in white
We've never seen the blue or grey
We've never laughed all through the night


I think we really mean it when we say
"We've got to get together someday"
As we trade numbers and say our goodbyes
I wonder if they're happy in their lives

I wish we could be this true family
I could know them and they could know me
But we've got our own stories, we've got our own friends
When we are together, we try to pretend

Enemy Lines ©1999 Marian Mastrorilli

Whispered voices, quiet noises...Someone sound the alarm
Rebel forces, pooled resources...Shelter from a desert storm

I want to be there by your side...after every fear has died
Penetrate your enemy lines...then I'd let you go

Propaganda, soul commander...Help! I'm getting in too deep
Undercover, secret lover...Are defenses getting weak?


In this battle of deceit...They may get you where you sleep
Pray you don't become too weak...Or you may just face defeat



Faded Leather ©1997 Marian Mastrorilli

Well I was bred to have some morals and it led to countless quarrels
With the men whose propositions I'd ignore
But there's something I would see in a compelling European
And those regulations went out the door (must be the)

Faded leather and a certain attitude
Faded leather, what was a girl to do (when faced with)
Faded leather, add a fifth of rye
Just the thing to get me through the night

As I said I have my morals, then again I'm a mere mortal
Certainly my barriers were down (down, down, down)
Though the images were graven in that temporary haven
I was lost and then salvation could be found (wrapped in)


Faded leather has a way of brightening up a bad day
Faded leather, any shade will do
Don't misunderstand me, I am just an average girl
An average girl who needs distraction too

Well my life got complicated and my innocence dissipated
When the man in faded leather came around
Some will call it indiscretion, I'm not running to confession
Now you'll find me in another part of town (I'll be in)


At Palisades ©2000 Marian Mastrorilli

From the side of the road I still look twice
Get caught in the spell of carnival lights
Chalk it up to the way I was raised, a regular at Palisades

They say that she went out with grace
But I cannot forget the day they knocked the Cyclone down
A nuisance to the city halls, a whiff of green, a wrecking ball
Erased our hallowed ground

Ooh, what I wouldn't trade for another day at Palisades

In spring, if you were driving by
You'd see that they'd undressed the rides
Cause for celebration
For vinegar on crinkled fries, the chance to win a tiny prize
Divine anticipation


I could board a Jungle Cruise or take a Trip to the Moon
Right in my home town
The Hootenanny and the Whip, the Caterpillar's gentle dips
Oh why'd they tear it down?

I miss the things I'd never try, the bigger rides I'd never ride
The Funhouse, I was scared to go in
The "spook house," with my eyes open

You'd hear the screams from miles away, calliope from the arcade
Talk of her decline
But there wasn't any incidence of foul play or violence
No, those were different times


If I Was a Child ©1997 Marian Mastrorilli

If I was a child, I'd float on the ocean
Drunk on the waves and Coppertone
Lying in bed I'd still feel the motion

Float on the waves...savor the days

If I was a child I'd play in the night
Glow of the stars and fireflies
Infinite flashes, sparkling, sparkling

Chase fireflies...savor the night

If I was a child how could I surrender
Shimmering days when nightfalls were tender
Did I go gently? It's hard to remember

If I was a child I'd fly without wings
Down all the big hills, again and again and again and again
I'd find an adventure in everyday things

Fly on a bike...savor the ride

Children at Play ©1999 Charlene Donohue & Marian Mastrorilli

Round and round and round we go. When we'll stop, nobody knows
It's a game, not love, it's a game, not love

Tug of war, seeing who can win. Who has the power to hurt who again
It's a game, not love, it's a game, not love

But you don't play fair, you bend the rules
You touch me then run away
Are we two lovers, are we two fools
Or are we just children at play?

You hop-scotch your way across my heart
One day we're together, the next we're apart
It's a game, not love, it's a game, not love

Red light, green light, Mother may I. Cross your heart and hope to die
It's a game, not love, it's a game, not love


Leave or stay, what does Simon say.
It's at your whim, that's how you play
It's a game, not love , it's a game, not love


Round and round and round we go. When we'll stop, nobody knows

Please Don't ©2001 Marian Mastrorilli

Several years have gone by since the time of the trial
But she can't close her eyes to the hell of that night

In the dark, she came to
Something's wrong here, she knew
Everything all askew
Someone else in the room

Though the details are hazy they start to come back
The voice of a stranger, a sudden attack
She tried to scream out then the world turned to black, and blue

Chorus (she cried)
Please don't take me this way
I am not ready to die here today
I will do anything that you say
If you'll only let me go

In the dark endless hours she could still smell the flowers
From outside her dream house, an illusion gone sour

And this was no nightmare, Goddamn it was real
What had she done to deserve this ordeal
Was anyone listening to her appeal, getting through?


Worn and terrified , something changed inside, got to stay alive

She tried to reach out to the person in there
She got him to listen, she got him to care
Was it submission or was it the prayer, who knew?


Several years have gone by since the time of the trial
Locked away, closed the file. But she can't close her eyes

Then I Remember ©1995 Marian Mastrorilli

Sometimes I feel time travel is real, I often return to awkward times
The stranger within who's never fit in
Has taken the reins and hijacked my pride

Then I remember I have you...ooh, I have you

Sometimes I feel science fiction is real
And I have become the invisible girl
A travesty they cannot see
I'm not in the clouds, I'm here on the earth


You're my reality check when I feel alone
When doubt kicks in & it won't let go
You send up a flare and it guides me home
I know you'll be there

Sometimes I hear voices of people I love,
Fade in and out like ghost radio
It hurts when I hear them, I can't get near them
Where they have gone I just don't know


Champagne Afternoon ©1996 Marian Mastrorilli

In a tiny room she barely stirred at all
The wind was a banshee, it helped her recall
A time of tempests raging inside and outside of the door

Nicotine, marabou, violin, satin shoes
Recipe for a champagne afternoon

Candlelight in the day
Out went the lights and off went the negligee
Luminous glistening of two bodies, two bodies lost in play

It's been forever since her body was her own
And days revolved around a whisper and a moan
The years they go so fast, the hours go so slow
How future turned to past she'll never, never know

In a tiny room she wrapped a robe around her tight
Can't remember what she did the other night
Her hands are trembling and her vision's hazy quite
Like a champagne afternoon

How Did You Get Like That? ©1995 Marian Mastrorilli

Crouched beside the escalator, people stop and go
There used to be somebody there, but now there's no one home
Everybody stares at you but not into your eyes
"Can you spare a quarter, can you spare a dime?"

How did you get like that?

Sidestepped by the hordes of people rushing to get home
They turn you into anecdote, give the dog a bone
Late at night the kids tucked in, so safe inside their beds
It's probably unlikely that you come into their heads


It must be hard to be a man when you haven't got your pride
It must be hard to be a woman when you can't let anyone inside
Hard to be a man when you haven't got your pride
It must be hard to be a woman, baby

Cops are coming, start your running, take it up outside
Suddenly you think about a place you used to hide
It may have been a cardboard playhouse many years ago
Imagine, once a playhouse, and now it's home sweet home


Light This Candle ©1997 Marian Mastrorilli

When I was nine my dad bought me a telescope
I swear I heard the heavens call my name
There were stars on the ceiling, stars in my eyes
But I'd never heard of Marilyn Monroe
Instead I watched the sky and felt my mind explode

At the break of dawn they've gathered around me
I bid the Morning Star a fond hello
The head physicians give the sign , the engineers, "all systems go"
They say, "enjoy the ride, let's get on with the show"

Light this candle, shoot me past the sky
Light this candle, kiss the Earth goodbye (bye bye)
Light this candle...Feels like going home

It's rather small here inside the capsule
You don't get in, more like, you put it on
But I'm not feeling confined at the cusp of infinite space
Every nerve's alive, take me now to this place!