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Long before her days forming & leading the former acoustic rock band Project Mercury, Marian's musical life began in 6th grade with a "cool" flower-covered electric guitar and amp (with tremolo!). As a "child of the 70's," she blissfully sang along with Queen, Elton John and Led Zeppelin - until anyone walked into the room.

In the late 80's, voice & guitar classes at the New School in Manhattan helped move Marian out of her room and into NYC's CBGB's Record Lounge, The Back Fence & Trocadero. In '95 Marian formed the duo Mercury Rising, playing at Downtime, CB's Gallery, Orange Bear, Baggott Inn, etc.

The duo grew into the band Project Mercury in winter '98, and appeared at showcase venues Nightingale Bar, Elbow Room and the Lion's Den. In October '98, Charlene Donohue and her violin came on board, and the band edited down to take on the coffeehouse crowds at Eureka Joe's, the Gaslight, Hillside Cafe, and Sun Music Company. With the addition of Craig Fox and Jeanne Fox, Project Mercury evolved into one of the premier bands in the Hudson Valley, forging a path up and down New York state's acoustic highway.

Life and love have fueled some interesting lyrics, like Beach Musings, a tribute to the Jersey shore and Rest of Your Life, a song of hope. Marian's influences include said 70's rock gods; songstresses Kate Bush, Dar Williams and Tori Amos; and a mix o'men like Damien Rice, The Decemberists, R.E.M., Ben Folds, World Party and Joe Jackson. To hear what this adds up to, check out these songs and visit the MUSIC page:

Patience: demo MP3 of one of Marian's newer originals Project Mercury live performance video

At Palisades: the Palisades Amusement Park Historical Society set Marian's tune to video

- Project Mercury was named Best New Band by Hudson Valley Magazine in 2006.
- Faded Leather grabbed an Honorary Mention in Billboard's International Song Contest.
- Marian was among the winners of the 2002 New Jersey Folk Festival's new songwriter showcase award.
- How Did You Get Like That
won a Billboard Certificate of Achievement in 1998.

Marian is a volunteer for Musicians On Call.

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Project Mercury alumni Marian & Charlene team up to deliver favorites from the Project Mercury songbook, as well as a cache of adventurous covers. Special guests: Stefan Waldman on guitar, dobro, mandolin and banjo; and Glenn Govier on bass. Reservations recommended; tasty food available; donations to the "artist appreciation box" in lieu of official cover.

Saturday July 15th, 8:00-10:30pm
Starving Artist Cafe
249 City Island Avenue
City Island (Bronx), NY

Marian & Char at Dylanfest


Featuring: Marian Mastrorilli-vocals & guitar, Peter DiIorio-guitar & vocals, Nick DiLello-guitar & vocals, Glenn Govier-bass, and special guest Victor LaGamma-keyboards.

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