Richard Quinn, Rockland World Radio
Listening to Project Mercury, you find yourself captured by the natural rhythms of the music, soft sultry vocals delivered with a rock n'roll undercurrent, that seduce you into following the songs as they unfold layers upons layers of existence and experience through love, life and everything in between. A very enjoyable voyage.

Jeff Rusch, WNTI-FM
What makes Project Mercury work so well is their absolute dedication to having fun first. What follows is great music infused with genuine good times! But don't be fooled, they will wow you with their musical and vocal prowess. See them!

Laura Turner Lynch, Kweevak
Powerful singers with wide expressive vocal ranges. They can start at a whisper and build up to a wail all in the journey of a song. Their lyrics are poetic and far reaching. Project Mercury lights up the music universe!

Dennis Halsey, The Best Female Musicians

A breath of fresh air in the Acoustic Rock scene, creating a unique sound that I find difficulty comparing to other artists. This is a band to be reckoned with.

Ashley Petkovski, The Muse's Muse
Within Project Mercury lies not only an acoustic rock band, but a female-fronted Led Zeppelin, a campfire folk duo, a sultry jazz combo, and an ethereal goth band. Project Mercury has a place with some of today's finest songwriters. Light This Candle is an amazing showcase of songs.

Beth Bush-Greenstein, WNTI-FM
Marian's songs are poems in the best folk ballad tradition.

Will York,
A rare and surprisingly successful merger of Lilith Fair singer-songwriter sensitivity and elaborate, 1970s rock-inspired songwriting drama. Frontwoman Marian Mastrorilli's songwriting strikes a balance between directness and subtle complexity, while her vocals are both graceful and engaging. Imagine a non-disastrous meeting between Queen and Aimee Mann.

Kathleen Myers, Arts & Lives Weekly, NY
Marian writes simple, straightforward prose that flows like poetry. She sings with an instrument that is pure silk, and whose timbre changes, chameleon-like, to support the many-faceted faces of the characters she portrays in these illuminations of a life. The musicians, the back-up vocalist and the orchestrations are first rate from the first note to the last.

Bryan Baker, Gajoob
Light This Candle is multi-faceted, both lyrically and musically. Charlene Donohue's vocals explore harmonies in unexpected places that deepen these songs along with her beautiful violin. Several songs are filled with images of childhood innocence, while [they] just as easily conjure up visual sexual playfulness and, later, dark violent scars. This is an album to which you will return often. Very highly recommended.